Traffic signals

Currently there are 80 sets of traffic signals in Poole and 47 of the busiest junctions are operated under what is known as Urban Traffic Control (UTC).

Of these signal junctions:

  • 27 incorporate a pedestrian crossing facility
  • 20 have a "pedestrian phase" which allow people to cross when the traffic is stopped 

Pedestrian crossing

There are 68 "stand alone" pedestrian crossings, of which:

  • 36 are pelican crossings
  • 24 are puffin crossings
  • 8 are toucan crossings 

A new puffin or toucan crossing costs in the order of £25-35,000 to install.

Pedestrian crossing or signal faults

Normally signal faults are automatically sent to the signals maintenance contractor, however if you do notice a problem for example, signals not working properly, or not operating as you would expect, please report it to us.

Temporary traffic signals (accredited contractors only)

If you are an accredited contractor working on the public highway and require authorisation for temporary traffic signals you can apply for temporary signals authorisation:

Send the completed form to:

Transportation Services
Civic Centre
BH15 2RU

Information about charges are available in the miscellaneous fees and licences document.

Page last updated: 11 February 2019
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Traffic signals, road markings and signage