Active Travel

We actively promote and support children and young people walking or cycling to and from school, as part of their daily routine. By encouraging families to leave the car at home whenever possible, we aim to help them find suitable alternative ways of travelling on the school run.  This has many health and environmental benefits including: 

  • less pressure on the NHS because children and young people are healthier
  • fewer road traffic collisions and injuries involving children 
  • fewer exhaust fumes around schools resulting in improved air quality.

Working with schools

By working with school communities we help promote the benefits of active, safe and healthy travel as well as road safety.

If you would like to know more about your school's travel plan or easy routes to help you walk or cycle to school, please contact

Active travel programme will help make Poole even more beautiful; better air, less noise, more cycle lanes, reduced congestion, improved journey times and safer roads for all users to increase the feeling that our town is a good place to live and work.


Traffic in Poole is growing by 3% a year. Peak time congestion causes many difficulties, personally, financially and environmentally. 

We discuss walking and cycling to school with the children and their parents/carers to encourage a healthier lifestyle, increased awareness of their local environment and fewer cars on the roads around our schools; although we do have a duty to provide transport for eligible children and young people.

To help you decide the routes you could take for walking and cycling to school, view our simple guide to the roads and routes around your school. 

If you would like to know more about your school's travel plan or easy routes to help you walk or cycle to school, please contact


Between 1987 and 2016, 239 children were killed or injured on the roads in Poole. Link to chart

Our aim, working with our Dorset Roadsafe and Public Health Dorset partners, is to reduce this year by year through road safety education, enforcement and engineering (such as improved footpaths, double yellow lines and road signs).

Each school’s active travel plan should address the safety of their children and how they intend to promote road safety education or training such as Bikeability.


Numerous studies show that today’s children are less fit than their parents and grandparents.  The active travel review aims to link active travel to a healthier pattern of behaviour.  Walking or cycling decreases the risk of heart problems as people age, for example.

Page last updated: 01 October 2018
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