Abandoned vehicles

Call 999 to report a vehicle on fire or being vandalised.

Call 101 if you think a vehicle is at risk of being set on fire or vandalised.  

Abandoned vehicle on the road or pavement

Firstly, check to see if the vehicle is taxed by using the GOV.UK website.

If the vehicle is untaxed

If the vehicle is untaxed but is still being used, report it to the DVLA.

If any of the following criteria also apply to the untaxed vehicle you can contact us:

  • the vehicle is burnt out
  • the vehicle contains waste
  • the vehicle is vandalised or damaged
  • the vehicle tax and MOT certificate have expired by more than a month

Please only use this form to report an abandoned vehicle in Poole.

Report an abandoned vehicle in Poole 

You will need to tell us: 

  • the vehicle registration
  • where the vehicle is located
  • how long the vehicle has been there

Abandoned vehicle on private property

If a vehicle has been abandoned on private property, you can telephone us for advice: 01202 261700.

We will guide you through the steps the land owner should take, which will include:

  • putting a notice on the vehicle giving a time period of when it must be removed by, for example 5 days or 1 week
  • clearly indicating that if the vehicle is not moved within the time you will contact the council asking us to remove it
  • taking dated photographs to pass to us if the abandoned vehicle has not been removed within the given time frame
Page last updated: 27 February 2020
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