Buses in Poole

Bus journey information

Traveline offers independent timetable and journey planning information for the South West region, many bus stops also have real time displays showing when the bus will arrive.

Real time bus information

A lot of bus stops have electronic screens which provide up to the minute information on bus departures.

There are 2 types of message displayed:

If the display shows a departure counting down in minutes, for example, 10 minutes, the system has identified a bus and will count down in minutes until it arrives. When "due" appears, the bus is less than a minute away.

If the display shows the 24 hour clock, for example, 12:52, this is just an electronic version of the printed timetable. It shows you the time the bus is scheduled to arrive and should be taken as a guide.

Information for passengers with visual impairments

All of the electronic displays can provide an audible announcement if required, this is activated by a special key fob.

To request a fob, please email transportation@poole.gov.uk. Instructions for the key fob can be downloaded:

The system also provides the latest bus information direct to your phone via text message.

Page last updated: 01 October 2018
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