Your rights and responsibilities

Landowners must not

  • plough a headland path or byway or allow crops to grow or overhang the minimum width of the path
  • erect barbed wire where it might be dangerous to users of a path or electric fencing across a bridleway
  • permit a bull to be at large in any field or enclosure through which a public right a way passes except a bull under 10 months old or a beef bull accompanied by cows or heifers  
  • make excavations or erections likely to make a path unsafe
  • obstruct or damage rights of way
  • erect misleading notices 

Users of rights of ways must

  • stay on the route of a right of way use it in accordance with its status (footpath, bridleway etc)
  • keep dogs under close control (on a lead if necessary)
  • close gates which are found closed

Follow the country code:

  • enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work
  • guard against all risk of fire
  • fasten all gates
  • keep your dog under close control
  • keep to public paths across farmland
  • use gates and stiles to cross hedges,
  • fences and walls
  • leave livestock, crops and machinery alone
  • take your litter home
  • help to keep water clean
  • protect wildlife, plants and trees
  • take special care on country roads
  • make no unnecessary noise 

Users of rights of way must not

  • use the countryside for dog toileting
  • stray from the path
Page last updated: 28 November 2018
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