Free Access for National Sportspeople (FANS)

Poole FANS scheme is a sports development initiative designed to provide support to leading talented sports performers by reducing the financial burden of training costs.

The scheme provides nationally ranked sports people with free access to participating local authority leisure and sports facilities at designated times, for personal training and development.


Poole FANS scheme provides opportunities for sportspeople of all ages, who are ranked in the top 10 of the national squad for the sport they are representing and who are resident in Poole.

Evidence or confirmation of a performer’s involvement at a national level will be required from the appropriate governing body of sport. Read the full list of eligible sports from Sport England.

Becoming a member

Individuals apply by completing the application form and submitting evidence or confirmation of their performance level, which must be endorsed by the appropriate National Governing Body of sport.

Apply to be a member

If you are accepted on the scheme, you will be provided with a photo ID membership card that must be shown at each facility on each occasion, to enable free access.

Membership to Poole FANS will be renewable on an annual basis, subject to continued sports performance at a national level.

If a coach is planning to accompany a FANS member under the age of 16, a letter of approval must be provided from the parents of the individual, or, the coach must provide proof of their attendance at a county child protection course.

Use of facilities

FANS members will be required to meet with facility staff prior to use, to agree areas to be used and time of usage.

Members must follow the rules and operating procedures of each facility at all times.

You will be allowed one free training partner if the sport so requires and/or personal coach if appropriate. However, all instructors/coaches will be required to provide evidence of insurance cover when they first visit the centre.

Participants and coaches must wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

If FANS members intend to use fitness gym facilities, you will need to undertake an induction, which may need to be paid for.

Conditions of membership

In return for the benefits that Poole FANS members receive from free access, it will be a condition of membership that, within reason, members will make every effort to attend promotional events as requested by any of the participating local authorities or facilities.

Monitoring and evaluation

We reserve the right to withdraw membership of FANS should any breach of the scheme occur.

To renew your membership, simply send up to date proof that you are still achieving your sporting status and a recent passport sized photo to your sports development team who issue you a new membership card.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the scheme, as well as withdraw the membership of any athlete deemed no longer to fit the criteria of the scheme or who is no longer operating within the “spirit” of the scheme.

Page last updated: 12 May 2021
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