Roles and responsibilities

Our role

Our role is to assess your event application and work with you to meet your legal duties as event organiser so that your event is a success and is enjoyed by all. We are happy to meet you to discuss your event and help answer any queries.

On the day of your event, an events officer may inspect the site to ensure compliance with supplied information and any conditions associated with your event permission. This is also a valuable way for us to keep in touch with what works well at events on our sites.

Poole Community Events Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

The Poole Community Events Safety Advisory Group work closely with the following to consider event applications and ensure that regulations and safety needs are met:

  • Dorset Police
  • Dorset Fire & Rescue Service
  • licensing
  • health and safety
  • transportation
  • building consultancy
  • business resilience
  • tourism
  • street scene
  • ambulance service 

As event organiser you may be asked to attend a Safety Advisory Group meeting to discuss elements of your event. The events team will advise you on whether this is necessary for your event.

Your role and responsibilities as event organiser

As event organiser you are legally responsible for the overall management of your event including all the health & safety, licensing and insurance elements. You are responsible for the safety and welfare of everyone at your event which includes staff, volunteers, contractors and the public. 

Please read the Terms and Conditions for further details. 

Page last updated: 02 May 2019
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