Promoting your event

Planning how to communicate your event well in advance can often be more cost effective. Your event can be added for free to several ‘what’s on’ listings available locally including the council’s website.

Remember that as the number of people expected to attend your event increases, you may need to increase the number of marshals, first aiders, rubbish bins and toilets.

Signage, banners and posters

We do not permit fly posting and will charge event organisers for the removal of it. Similarly costs resulting from litter picking event flyers will be recharged. On site signage must not cause any damage on site or obstructions.

Banner sites

We have banner sites at various locations across the borough that can be utilised by community event organisations to advertise their event.

Each site will host 2 banners.


Nearest event site 

 Branksome Recreation Ground

 Branksome Recreation Ground

 Everyone Active Pool entrance

 Poole Park

 Sandbanks car park

 Poole beaches

 Seldown Park on slipway


 Skills and learning (Oakdale)

 Oakdale Park

 Turlin Moor Recreation Ground

 Turlin Moor Recreation Ground

Banner requirement 

  • to be supplied by the event organiser
  • banners need to be 850mm height x 1.94mm long and no more than 3mm in depth
  • individual letters and symbols on the banner can be no more than 150mm by 150mm
  • banners will need eyelets around the outside in order to attach it to the frame via cable ties or bungee cords

To request use

To request use: 

  • organisations can email request use of a site
  • a maximum of 2 weeks prior to an event will be given permission for a banner to be in place and it must be removed within 2 days of the event taking place
  • a maximum of 3 sites can be used at once by one event organiser, but this will be limited to 1 during busy periods
  • event organisers are responsible for displaying and removing banners on the agreed dates
  • commercial event organisers will be charged per banner for the use of the sites

Poster sites

Some event sites also have designated poster sites where A3 size laminated or Correx posters can be displayed to advertise the event taking place on that site.

Posters can go up 2 weeks before the event but must come down at the end of the event.

Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers

Class 3(D) permits temporary notices or signs which are intended to advertise any local event being held for charitable purposes, which may be religious, educational, cultural, political, social or recreational, but not for any commercial purpose. The advertisement permitted by Class 3(D) must not exceed 0.6 of a square metre.

Page last updated: 13 September 2019
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