Managing cars and traffic

Car parking on parks

Parking is not generally allowed in parks and alternative arrangements must be made for stall holders and participants.

We appreciate in some small instances that stall holders may require to keep their vehicle behind their stall, and permission for this must be sought in advance from the events team. Vehicle movements should not take place during event open times. A banks man and hazard lights should be used as appropriate where movements are required in exceptional circumstances.

If permission to park cars in the park is granted by the events team, it must be properly controlled with trained marshals, leaving clear emergency access. A risk assessment must be carried out regarding marshalling levels and traffic management and parking areas should be shown on your site plan.

Public car park spaces cannot be guaranteed as part of your event booking.

You must also consider the impact your event will have on parking in residential streets and parking for Blue Badge holders.

Traffic management and road safety

If any part of your event stops the flow of road traffic or needs traffic cones then you must apply to Transportation services for a Temporary Road Closure.

All costs involved for both the closure and diversion signing have to be met by the person or organisation requesting the closure. As there is a legal and consultative process to be undertaken, at least six weeks notice of the closure is required.

Events on the public highway

Events on the public highway are not normally supported but off-highway events can still indirectly affect adjacent roads, car parks and traffic. If this is likely, please email No signing, coning or direction of traffic will be permitted on the highway without Transportation Services approval and use of appropriately trained staff. Where road closures are agreed, its cost and all costs for associated signing, coning and traffic control will be met by the event organiser.

The event organiser will be responsible for providing suitably qualified marshals to control the road closure.

Traffic to and from event site

Site traffic access and exits must be carefully located, signed and managed to reduce the risk of a potential accident.

This will be part of the traffic management considerations made initially with Transportation Services. Consultation and support of the Police may be required for more significant events affecting the highway.

On-site traffic

During event set up vehicle movement must be carefully directed. The event organiser must agree at what stage vehicles must clear the area, leaving only essential vehicles on site. Any vehicle movement must be overseen by experienced marshals walking in front of the vehicle (including reversing). The speed limit is 5mph and pedestrians on site have right of way.

Only essential vehicle movement will be allowed during your event, and this must be managed by trained marshals and vehicle hazard lights. Such vehicle movement must be included in your risk assessment.

Catering or essential stall holder vehicles must be sited prior to the event opening and not move until such time as deemed safe by the event organiser or safety advisor.

Separate signposted entrances should be provided for vehicles and pedestrians, with specific arrangements for emergency vehicle access.

Use of access and exit points to the site must in no way impair the use of the rest of the site by the general public. Access times to the site will be agreed with the Community Events Team.

Please consider local residents during your set up and take down and keep noise levels at an acceptable level.

Transportation network

For large events Transportation Services will liaise with the local rail and bus companies to establish if existing services will be adequate and discuss any road closures or diversions.

Where this will have a significant effect on the road network, Transportation Services will advise the public through the web and media as appropriate. Where local residents might be particularly adversely affected (eg. noise, traffic, parking etc) then a letter drop will be required and costs met by the event organiser.

Page last updated: 02 May 2019
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