Electricity, gas and water supplies

The site information details the facilities that are available at each site. Where electricity, gas or water is to be used, detailed arrangements must be made to ensure the facilities are safe. All these arrangements should be clearly shown on the site plan.

Potential hazards due to extreme weather should not be overlooked at outside events.


The event organiser will be expected to produce evidence of the correct electrical inspection and testing of portable appliances, and any installed distribution system. Appropriate certification may include PAT Certificates and Completion Certificates. Failure to provide the correct certification may result in disconnection or removal from the site.

Residual current circuit breakers should be used and if possible the power supply stepped down to 110 volts.

Electrical sockets and cabling should be fit for purpose and designed for the environment they are to be used in.

All cables will have to be safely channelled and covered with matting or raised above the audience to eliminate any electrical and tripping hazards.

Potential hazards due to extreme weather should not be overlooked at outside events. 


Portable gas supplies for cooking should be kept to a minimum and within designated areas away from the general public.

The same should apply to any fuel supply items such as portable generators. Generators should have barriers or fences to prevent public access from public areas.

If the LPG is to be used then a current safety certificate must be provided.

Silent generators should be used and preferably diesel fuel only.


Where water is available, this may not be wholesome water and separate arrangements should be made for drinking water and /or for use in catering. Hosepipes must not be connected to taps.

Please identify any utility arrangements on your site plan.

Page last updated: 02 May 2019
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