Annual hire: locations and costs 2019

We have beach huts available for annual hire at several beaches.

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Remember that these prices do not include rates.

Locations and costs

Branksome Dene

Ground level (1 to 50): £2,401

Upper terrace (51 to 68, 87 to 96): £1,981

Balcony (69 to 86): £2,401

Wooden huts (prime position, 112 - 116): £2,251

Wooden huts (secondary position, 99 - 111): £1,950

Find out more about Branksome Dene.

Branksome Chine

Concrete huts on ground level and balcony (including new beach huts): £2,401

Wooden huts in prime position (49a to 60a, 85a - 89a, 176a, 178a, 179a, 189a, 190a, 191a, 191b, 192a): £2,292

Wooden huts in secondary position (61a, 62a, 66a, 67a, 68a, 70a, 72a, 75a, 180a, 180b, 181a to 188a): £1,934

Super size huts (307, 307a, 315, 315a, 316, 316a, 327, 336, 336a, 327a, 328, 328a): £3,259

Sites only: £1,397

Find out more about Branksome Chine.

Canford Cliffs

Promenade (including 4 over shelter, 95 to 168): £2,401

Primary chine wooden huts (1 to 3, 5, 8, 10 to 17, 20, 22, 26 to 36): £2,292

Secondary chine wooden huts (4, 7 ,9, 18, 19, 21, and 23 to 25): £1,980

Find out more about Canford Cliffs.

Flaghead Chine

Ground level: £2,404

Balcony (69 to 86): £2,404

Find out more about Flaghead Chine.


Ground level (1 to 108, 149 to 190): £2,472

Ground level pavilion (109 to 148): £2,472

Balcony (18 to 108, 163 to 204): £2,472

Find out more about Sandbanks.

Shore Road

Ground level and balcony: £2,367

Upper terrace (46 to 66): £1,963

Upper terrace (67 to 72): £2,367

Find out more about Shore Road.

Hamworthy Park

At Hamworthy you can only rent the site, which costs £1,010 a year.

You will need to provide your own beach hut for the site you rent.

Find out more about Hamworthy Park.

Cancel your tenancy agreement

You have the right to cancel your agreement giving at least one month's notice. Should you wish to do this, please inform the beach office.

Licence hire charges

If you pay by direct debit you can pay your licence fee monthly over six months (from January to June).

If you already pay by direct debit, the fees will be automatically paid from your account. However, your direct debit instruction will not cover payment of any non-domestic rates due on your beach hut. When you receive your rates bill, you will be advised how you can pay this (if applicable).

Licence instalment payments must be made on the due date or you will have to pay the full outstanding amount immediately or risk losing your beach hut licence.

Beach hut bills

If you are a beach hut tenant, you will receive two separate bills for letting a beach hut from us annually.

One will be from us and will appear as Borough of Poole, for license hire charges.

The other will be from HM Revenue and Customs, for your non-domestic rates.

Non-domestic rates

HM Revenue & Customs individually rate beach huts (throughout the UK) for non-domestic rates. Beach hut tenants pay non-domestic rates separately, where these apply.

You may be able to reduce your bill you can claim small business rate relief (SBRR), providing you don't pay business rates elsewhere. This will reduce the rates element of the beach hut hire by 100%. Instructions on how to apply for this reduction will be sent with your bill.

For all enquiries about your bills, please speak to Stour Valley and Poole Partnership:

Telephone: 01202 634215


Page last updated: 13 May 2019
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