Admission arrangements and statistics for Poole schools 2019/2020

Policies for infant and first schools

School admission policies for infant and first schools:

Policies for junior and middle schools

School admission policies for junior and middle schools:

Policies primary schools

School admission policies for primary schools:

Policies secondary schools

School admission policies for secondary schools: 

Summary of September 2019 applications and allocations

Admission to reception schools 2019

Transfers to junior schools 2019

Transfers to middle schools 2019

Transfers to secondary schools 2019

Oversubscription criteria

Each admission authority adopts its own admissions policy for the academic year. When a school receives more applications than it has places available, the admission authorities apply what is known as their 'oversubscription' criteria to decide who should be offered a place.

Pupils with an Education, Health and Care Plan issued by a local authority naming a specific school where a pupil should receive his or her education will be admitted to any publicly-funded school before preferences are considered for admission in September.

Admission authorities must also give Looked After Children and Previously Looked After Children priority before any other applicant in the oversubscription criteria, irrespective of whether or not they live within a school’s catchment area.

The over-subscription criteria are agreed by the admission authority for the school and are required to be in line with the School Admissions Code.

For community schools, the admission authority is the local authority.

For all other schools the governing body or trustees of the school is the admission authority.

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