Poole Local Plan

The Poole Local Plan is a strategy for the delivery of new homes, jobs and infrastructure in Poole to 2033. It is accompanied by the Policies Map comprising:

The Poole Local Plan was adopted on 13 November 2018, and covers the period 2013-2033. We have prepared an adoption statement.

We have prepared a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document and published our response to a number of public questions at Council regarding the local plan process and release of Green Belt in North Poole.

By 2033, the Poole Local Plan will have helped deliver 14,200 new homes; created 9,000 full time equivalent jobs; and boosted productivity of the Poole economy by £332m per annum. 

The Poole Local Plan (2018) replaces the Poole Core Strategy (2009), the Site Specific Allocations and Development Management Policies DPD (2012), Delivering Poole’s Infrastructure DPD (2012) and saved policies from the Poole Local Plan First Alteration (2004).

Read the guide to Local Plan Policies: superseded and adopted.

Preparation of the Poole Local Plan

Work on the Poole Local Plan commenced in 2013 and was subject to six public consultations and an examination:

Key issues consultation: 2013

This consultation focused on the key issues for Poole that should be addressed through the review and ran from 1 May to 14 June 2013 with the responses received informing the 2014 consultation.

Further key issues and call for sites consultation: 2014

This consultation again focused on the key issues for Poole and also invited the submission of any sites to be considered for development. The consultation ran from 4 August to 1 September 2014 with the responses received informing the Issues and Options Consultation.

Issues and options consultation: 2015

This consultation sought views on how Poole’s future housing, shopping and employment needs could be accommodated, and ran from 16 February to 31 March 2015. The consultation document was accompanied by the Sustainability Appraisal, and the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report.

The responses received informed the Pre-Submission draft. The original comments are available on the consultation portal.

Further issues and options consultation: 2016

This consultation sought views on possible future housing and other development sites and development management policies and helped guide the preparation of the draft plan.

The consultation was held from 13 June to 8 August 2016. The consultation documents were:

The feedback is summarised in these documents:

Consultation on the draft plan: 2016

Following the further issues and options consultation in 2016, the council considered the feedback and prepared a draft plan known as the pre-submission draft.

A draft plan was published for comment from 31 July to 22 September 2016.

These were the consultation documents:

There are also policies maps including:

Examination: 2017/18

On the 24 November 2017 the council submitted the pre submission draft Poole Local Plan to the planning inspectorate for examination.

The hearing sessions took place in February/March 2018. 

The council consulted on modifications to the draft plan from 20 July to 7 September 2018:

The Consultation report and representations can be accessed in the Poole Local Plan examination documents.

Following this, the inspector published his report and the appendices on 24 October 2018. He concluded that the Local Plan with modifications is legally compliant and sound, and is capable of being adopted by the council.

Adoption: 2018

The council adopted the Poole Local Plan on 13 November 2018. The Poole Local Plan is supported by the Final Sustainability Appraisal.

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