Brownfield Land Register


The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017 requires local authorities to prepare, publish and maintain a register of Brownfield Land, the purpose of which is to provide up-to-date information on sites that are considered to be appropriate for residential development. The register is informed by the latest Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment for Poole, which identifies sites that are suitable and capable of delivering residential development.

The register includes all sites which meet all of the following criteria, regardless of their planning status:

  • land with an area of at least 0.25 hectares, or is capable of supporting at least 5 dwellings
  • is suitable for residential development
  • is available for residential development
  • where development for residential use of the land is achievable

The register

The register is formed of two parts:

  • Part 1: comprises all brownfield sites that we have assessed as appropriate for residential development
  • Part 2: those sites within Part 1 of the register that would be suitable for a grant of permission in principle for residential development

The register is available in the following formats:

As a minimum, we will update the register annually.

Links are provided in the register to those sites that have secured planning permission (or were refused/withdrawn/dismissed at appeal and where it is considered there is scope for an amended scheme to come forward to deliver a net increase in dwellings and which meet the minimum dwelling number or site size criteria).

Location plans for those sites on the register that have not been the subject of a planning application are included on a site location plans document, with sites included sequentially by ‘Site Reference’ as set out in the register.

In addition, GIS data of all sites on the register is provided in .shp and .mif formats:

Poole Brownfield Land Register data and associated mapping are provided under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

Permission in principle

Part 2 of the Register will include those sites from Part 1 for which the council also decides to grant permission in principle, subject to the necessary publicity, notification and consultation requirements having been undertaken. Permission in principle sets out the use, location and amount of development.

‘Technical details consent’, which enables an assessment of the detailed design and ensures mitigation and contributions to infrastructure are secured either through conditions and planning obligations, is required before work commences on site.

Page last updated: 03 January 2019
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