Site inspections

Whilst it is important that building standards are verified at the design stage, it is vital that these are achieved on site. In order to ensure that your building meets the standards, that you obviously expect, it is essential that work is inspected by us. We will need to visit the site on a number of occasions, and as such, sufficient notice must be given to ensure that certain stages are assessed. Our surveyors will visit on the same day if you ring before 10am.

You need to call up your building surveyor to arrange an inspection date with them. Please call 01202 633250 to speak to them or leave a message.

Please note that if there is a problem with the file a surveyor may not be able to visit you until it has been solved.

It is vital that the builder or owner notifies their district building surveyor at the following stages:

  • commencement of works - 48 hours beforehand in writing
  • before concreting foundation excavations - 24 hours
  • before covering foundation concrete - 24 hours
  • before covering any damp proof course - 24 hours
  • before covering any hardcore or oversite fill - 24 hours
  • before covering any drains - 24 hours
  • before occupation of any building (or part) prior to total completion - not more than 7 days
  • after covering any drains - not more than 7 days
  • after completion of work - not more than 7 days

Failure to notify us at any of the above stages is an offence and may not only mean work being removed but could result in a prosecution.

Owners and builders are requested to ensure that all relevant inspections are requested by contacting the building surveyor for the area in which the property lies. Commencement and completion notice cards will be enclosed in correspondence with you.

Whilst these visits represent a typical inspection framework, further visits may be necessary in order to assess particular details such as fire safety issues or complex structural elements. With some projects it may not be necessary for all of these inspections to be carried out, however, that decision will rest with the district building surveyor. Whatever the situation an appropriate inspection regime will be developed specifically for your project and you or your builder will be advised of what that is.

Following the first visit an invoice for the inspection fee will be sent to you is you have made a Full Plans application, (unless a different arrangement has been agreed before the project starts). This is a 'one off' fee for all the inspections carried out in respect of your project and represents good value for money for the assurance that your investment is being inspected by a qualified and independent building surveyor.

Please remember that these visits are carried out to ensure that the minimum standards of construction are satisfied, which may be less than that which you are expecting or have agreed with your builder. If you would like to discuss progress at any stage please do not hesitate to contact your district building surveyor.

When all building work is complete the district building surveyor will need to carry out a final inspection. This needs to be done within 5 days of the work being complete, preferably before the builder leaves the site. This is very important, as we can not issue a completion certificate until we have made the final inspection. The completion certificate is a very important document that you will need.

Page last updated: 02 April 2019
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