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We provide information on demolitions occurring in Poole at various times.

To apply, please download the Demolition Notice application form

Return the completed form to:

Building Consultancy
Room 206
Civic Centre
BH15 2RU

The Demolition health and safety information and Final demolition notice are also available to download.

Demolition notices

November 2018

No demolitions.

October 2018

Date received: 24/09/18
Date issued: 05/10/18
Site address: 59 Sherwood Avenue
Applicant: Mrs Laura Sykes
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: Southcoast Demolition

Date received: 18/10/2018
Date issued: 22/10/2018
Site address: Unit H3A Dawkins Road
Applicant: Oasis Plant Hire
Agent/person undertaking the demolition:

Date received: 11/10/2018
Date issued: 23/10/2018
Site address: Ad Astra Infant School
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: Direct Demolition

Date received: 08/10/2018
Date issued: 20/11/2018
Site address: 12 Brownsea Road
Applicant: Banyard Construction 
Agent/Person Undertaking the Demolition: Advanced Demolition

September 2018

Date received: 24/08/18
Date issued: 27/09/18
Site address: 31 Clifton Road
Applicant: Fresh Developments
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: Advanced demolition

Date received: 25/06/18
Date issued: 25/09/18
Site address: 8 Branksea Avenue
Applicant: R Frend
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: not known

Date received: 11/09/18
Date issued: 24/09/18
Site address: 27 Forest Road
Applicant: Advance Demolition
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: Advance Demolition

Date received: 13/07/18
Date issued: 24/09/18
Site address: 21 Gorse Hill Road
Applicant: Oliver Moorby
Agent/Person Undertaking the Demolition: not known

August 2018

No demolitions.

July 2018

Date received: 03/05/18
Date issued: 25/07/18
Site address: 21 Springfield Road
Applicant: Fresh Construction
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: Advanced Demolition

June 2018

Date received: 06/06/18
Date issued: 26/06/18
Site address: 5 Canford Cliffs Avenue
Applicant: Northshore Homes
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: Advanced Demolition

Date received: 17/05/18
Date issued: 14/06/18
Site address: 6 Newton Road
Applicant: Mr and Mrs Rabalotti
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: Cutler Bros

Date received: 23/04/18
Date issued: 11/06/18
Site address: 10-12 Wimborne Road
Applicant: St Georges Place Ltd
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: W & S Waste Management

Date received: 14/04/18
Date issued: 01/06/18
Site address: 21 Salter Road
Applicant: Barry Bestie
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: Matthew Jenson

May 2018

No demolitions.

April 2018

Date received: 23/03/2018
Date issued: 18/04/2018
Site address: 13 Gravel Hill
Applicant: N/A
Agent/Person Undertaking the Demolition: Direct Demolition

Date received: 04/04/2018
Date issued: 17/04/2018
Site address: 26 Birchwood Road
Applicant: N/A
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: Prime Demolition

Date received: 19/03/208
Date issued: 16/04/2018
Site address: 16 Alington Road, Poole, BH14 8LZ
Applicant: Mr and Mrs Taylor
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: Prodem Ltd

Date received: 03/04/2018
Date issued: 05/04/2018
Site address: 24 Mayfield Avenue, Poole, BH14 7NY
Applicant: Denn Developments
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: South Coast Demolition

Date received: 05/04/2018
Date issued: 05/04/2018
Site address: 1A Canford Cliffs Avenue, Poole, BH14 9QN
Applicant: Greener Homes Ltd
Agent/person undertaking the demolition: South Coast Demolition

Date received: 22/03/2018
Date issued: 05/04/2018
Site address: 46 & 48 Panorama Road, Poole, BH13 7RE
Applicant: Mrs Tracey King
Agent/Person Undertaking the Demolition: W & S Recycling

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