Borough of Poole celebrates apprentices

Borough of Poole has seen 59 apprenticeships over the past two years and the scheme continues to grow. 

With over 28 apprentices currently at Borough of Poole, apprenticeships are offered in a wide variety of departments across the council. 

If you’re not sure what the next step in your career is after you’ve finished your exams, why not apply for an apprenticeship? An apprenticeship might also be perfect if you want a change in career but aren’t sure where to start. Whether it’s a career in marketing that interests you or working outdoors in Poole’s green spaces and heathlands, we pride ourselves in being able to provide an opportunity to advance your career. 

At Borough of Poole we offer our apprentices competitive rates of pay. It’s a great way to earn and learn at the same time and an apprenticeship can provide you with the practical skills future employers require, as well as gaining a recognised qualification. 

Cllr May Haines, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Finance, Operations and Community Engagement, Borough of Poole, said: “Our apprenticeship programme offers high-quality learning and development, designed to prepare all of our apprentices with the skills and experience for future employability. We reward our high quality apprentices by paying them above the national minimum wage for apprentices and our managers are committed to supporting our apprentices to fulfil their potential and to succeed in both their work and their studies. 

“It is a real joy to see apprentices grow and develop during their time with us. Many of our apprentices secure further employment at Borough of Poole after completing their apprenticeships, enabling them to follow a progression pathway into their chosen careers.” 

Charlie Kendrick, former business support apprentice at Borough of Poole said: “When I left sixth form I knew that university was not right for me at this point and wanted to get some life experience working in the real world. I wanted to work and earn money but I also wanted to continue in some form of education. When I found out about apprenticeships I knew that it was for me. 

“I chose to apply at Borough of Poole because I knew they were supportive employers and allowed for personal and professional development opportunities. I was also able to gain an insight into how the borough operates and be a part of an organisation that is specifically there to help the local community.” 

To apply for an apprenticeship today visit For more information about apprenticeships at the Borough of Poole visit 

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