Twin Sails Bridge temporarily closes for repairs

The Twin Sails Bridge will temporarily close for two full weeks to investigate the fault on the Hamworthy leaf and to carry out general maintenance repairs.

Specialist engineers will be on site from Monday 25 February to extract the half-tonne pin from the rod end assembly. Once removed, engineers will be able to identify the fault and develop a programme to carry out the appropriate repairs.

The Hamworthy leaf of the bridge has been operating on a single cylinder operating mode since just before Christmas, meaning the bridge is being lifted using one ram and is operating at half the usual speed. This arrangement will continue until all the repairs to the Hamworthy leaf are carried out, bringing the bridge back into full use.

Lynne Wait, Interim Engineering Manager, Borough of Poole, said: “Engineers have thoroughly assessed all the options for extracting the pin. Significant temporary works are required to enable the pin to be removed and once this has happened the bridge will need to remain closed whilst the ram end assembly is thoroughly inspected and the bridge is recommissioned.

“Once we have a clearer picture of the fault and the repairs needed we can order the replacement parts required. Once all the parts have been manufactured, the Twin Sails Bridge will need to be closed again in the future to install and test the replacement parts.

“We will endeavour to carry out these works as quickly as possible and return the bridge to normal operation. We apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause.”

Also during this temporary closure, works from the planned annual maintenance scheduled for March will be brought forward to avoid further disruption to road users. These works include:

  • servicing the hydraulic systems
  • software and control system checks and adjustments
  • replacement of missing and failed LED road studs
  • replacement of failed lamps

During this time the bridge will be closed to vehicles but will still be available for use by pedestrians and cyclists. Poole Bridge will be operating as usual. The Twin Sails Bridge will remain in the ‘down’ position during the closure and will not be lifting for marine traffic.

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