Colter Offshore Oil Appraisal Well

We have the following statement:

Councillor Janet Walton, Leader, Borough or Poole commented

“Borough of Poole is extremely disappointed to learn that the Colter Offshore Oil Exploration Well has been granted an extension until the end of March. Unfortunately, the Borough of Poole was not consulted or asked for our views on the impact of this extension, but had we been so, we would have put forward a response that highlighted our previous position.

“In February 2018 the Borough of Poole expressly advised that we would expect the highest environmental standards and best practice to be adopted in relation to the protection of the marine and terrestrial environment, as well as the potential impact on air and water quality. We will be monitoring the situation closely to seek every reassurance that Corallian Energy is complaint with the Environmental Impact Assessment mitigation measures set in place.”

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