New 20mph residential zones proposed for Poole

20mph speed limits aim to improve the safety and quality of life for local people by promoting more considerate driving. Borough of Poole is proposing to introduce six new 20mph zones in the borough this year. 

During June and July, people will be able to respond in writing to legal notices which will be placed in the roads where new 20mph zones are proposed. The zones will be introduced later in the year including, from September 2018: Alderney West, Hamworthy Park and Tatnam; and from November 2018: Alexandra Park, Birds Hill and Danecourt. 

The government wishes to see safe roads which meet the needs of all road users and so they introduced simplified guidance to enable councils to implement 20mph zones, where traffic is already travelling at or near 20mph. 

Cllr Ian Potter, Portfolio Holder for Planning, Regeneration and Transportation said: "20mph zones are introduced mainly in residential areas where concerns about vehicle traffic has been raised as an issue by those who live locally. It’s about changing the hearts and minds of drivers; encouraging them to slow down in densely populated residential areas, for the benefit of people who live there. 

"When traffic slows, it encourages more of us to make greater use of our streets for walking, cycling, playing or just socialising which is great for our health. With less traffic and more people around, the places we live in should, in time, become safer, friendlier, quieter and cleaner places to be."

The enforcement of 20mph zones is managed by Neighbourhood Policing Teams . They ensure local crime and disorder issues (such as driving too fast) are identified, so that an appropriate policing response can be delivered. 

Speeding vehicles can significantly increase the chance of being injured in a collision. One of the first studies of pedestrian injury and car impact speed found that at 20mph there was a 2.5% chance of being fatally injured, compared to a 20% chance at 30mph. 

Local people can help raise awareness and reduce traffic speed in their local roads by taking part in Community Speed Watch, working in partnership with their Neighbourhood Policing Team. This enables members of the community to carry out speed checks, which are then reported to Dorset Police. 

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