Fifty households in Poole begin their Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge

Fifty households in Poole are discovering how they can reduce their food waste and save money as part of the Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge.

The Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge is part of the Waste less, Save more food waste project being run by Borough of Poole in partnership with Sainsbury’s. The challenge received a fantastic response with over 150 households from across Poole applied to take part.

The 50 successful households will use clever household tools, innovative recipes and clever tips and tricks over a three month period in a bid to reduce their food waste. To start off their challenge, participants attended a launch event where they enjoyed a selection of different foods including a chickpea curry, moussaka and chilli con carne, created by local chef Alex Defreitas of Honest Meals. Alex will also be leading cookery workshops with the people taking part in the challenge.

Cllr John Rampton, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, said: ““This is a fantastic opportunity for these 50 households to not only help change the way they think about food and what we waste, but will also save money. I look forward to seeing how these households get on in their challenge, and learning how we can all work to reduce our food waste in Poole.”

Rachel Carrington, Sainsbury’s Waste Less, Save More campaign lead, said: “The launch of the Zero Food Waste Kitchen Challenge is the beginning of a very exciting journey for the community in Poole, and the first step to changing attitudes and preconceptions towards food waste. We are looking forward to seeing how households in Poole look to reduce their waste and inspire one and other in the process.”

Recipes, videos and helpful tips from the Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge will be available on the Poole Waste less, Save more Facebook page.

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