Customers benefit from new virtual car parking permit scheme

A new system offering permit holders the opportunity to purchase and manage their parking permits online is being implemented by Borough of Poole. 

Over 35,000 parking permits are purchased each year in Poole and the new virtual permit scheme will provide customers with greater flexibility in how they use their permits. 

There are nearly 26 residential zones in the borough, mainly in Poole town centre and Parkstone, where eligible residents can purchase a permit. In addition, there are a number of car parks and on street schemes where permits are also available. 

The new online system will provide permit holders with increased benefits such as: 

  • registering up to three vehicles (if all registered at the same eligible address) against their permit and nominating the current vehicle parked through their online account 
  • changing their vehicle online at no further cost - removing the need for permits being posted back and forth and a £10 admin fee 
  • eligible residents purchasing 24 hour resident visitor permits online and nominating a vehicle to park, removing the need to display paper permits 
  • purchasing daily visitor or commuter permits as and when they require them rather than buying in bulk. Although daily permits can be bought in advance in bulk and then used when needed 
  • experiencing a quicker more efficient process as the permit can be purchased online and in most cases will be valid for use immediately, rather than a printed permit being posted to the customer

The existing book of five paper permits will still be available for postal applications.

Jason Benjamin, Parking Services Manager, Borough of Poole, said: “The virtual permits will make it even quicker, cheaper and easier for our customers to purchase and manage their parking permits online. We hope the greater flexibility and benefits will encourage our customers to swap and go online.” 

Julian McLaughlin, Head of Growth and Infrastructure, Borough of Poole, said: “It is important we look at ways of using technology to add value to a service and these new virtual permits are a win-win. Customers choosing to apply online will benefit from an enhanced offer and the council benefits from a quicker online process and fewer books of paper permits needing to be purchased.”

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