Baiter public toilets to open during procurement process

In line with existing policy Borough of Poole has been exploring alternative providers for the mothballed Baiter public toilets.  

On the basis of enquiries from potential operators and experience of market sounding at other local sites there is a reasonable prospect that a commercial partner could be procured to develop a new concession in Baiter Park that would offer a publically accessible toilet.

It is recognised that the requirements of the Fields in Trust and the planning authority will have to be met whilst the Council will consider this, and with achieving value for money through the procurement process.

In this context the Council believes it is reasonable to open the Baiter public toilets on a temporary basis whilst the procurement of a private provider is sought.  The Council remains committed to the community toilets policy as this is the only sustainable policy it can support in the light of the Government’s continuing reduction of funding for local government services in Poole.

Cllr John Rampton, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, Borough of Poole said: “I am very pleased that, as planned, officers are moving forwards to secure a commercial proposal for Baiter toilets. Because of the interest that we have received I am optimistic that a long-term solution will be found and support the efforts to seek a partner who can deliver public toilets within the regulations that apply to Baiter Park.”

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