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About reading groups

Joining a reading group is a great way to share the pleasure of reading, exchange views on books with others and read titles you might not try on your own.

There are reading groups for everyone to join at all our libraries. You can find more details of meetings by looking at our library events, or by asking in your local library.

Or you could get together with your friends and have a reading group at home, in the pub, over dinner... there are lots of possibilities. Just enjoy reading and talking about books, and use our special group membership so you can get a copy each of your chosen book - free.

How we can help reading groups:

  • ask us for support and advice on setting up and running a reading group
  • get a ‘Reading Group’ library card which allows your group to borrow titles from our reading group collection for up to 7 weeks
  • look at our Reading Group Collection – over 130 titles chosen especially for Reading Groups. There are 10 copies of each title plus a large print and audio copy if available.
  • choose up to 20 titles from the list and tell us the dates of your meetings; we’ll deliver the books to your local library for you to pick up in time for each meeting
  • you pay £1 per set of 10 books
  • get regular news by email about book promotions, author visits and other events
  • meet in your local library - contact us to see what can be arranged

We also suggest you join Reading Groups for Everyone where you can:

  • find a reading group
  • add your own group to their list
  • find book reviews and book recommendations
  • sign up to their newsletter
  • enter competitions
  • find discounts and promotions

Shared reading groups

We also have weekly shared reading groups where you can sit back, relax, listen to short stories and poems, and chat about what we have read together.

No need to read anything between meetings, just turn up and enjoy the stories. There are groups at Broadstone, Oakdale, Poole Central and Rossmore Libraries.

Reading group websites

For more ideas and reviews check out the following websites:

Page last updated: 17 July 2020
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