Turlin Moor Housing Development

BCP Council has appointed an Atkins/Savills team to help us take forward our proposals for the new housing development planned for the ‘top field’ next to Blandford Road in Turlin Moor.

They are just about to start preparatory work and will:

  • carry out all the necessary additional background assessments such as further work on environment issues, ground conditions and traffic
  • work with us, stakeholders and the community to develop a masterplan for the site
  • prepare and help us submit a planning application.

The Turlin Moor Housing Development newsletter is available to download.

Why it has been so long since the last consultation

We consulted on a draft development brief for the site in 2017. Since then, we have been working to get everything into place to take the ideas forward.

The site has now been allocated for housing in the Poole Local Plan. We have also secured £3.8m of funding from Homes England to do the work necessary to prepare the site for development.

To make that happen, we have worked with Homes England to appoint a team of experts to help us bring the site forward.

What will happen and when

July/August 2020

  • environmental investigation and surveys
  • stakeholder engagement, for example, football and rugby clubs
  • request for a screening opinion from BCP Council, to advise if an Environmental Impact Assessment is needed with the planning application (an earlier request was never determined and is now out of date)
  • development of masterplan options

September 2020

  • pre-application consultation with community and stakeholders to choose a preferred option

October/November 2020

  • finalise masterplan and planning application 

December 2020

  • submit planning application 

December 2020/March 2021

  • planning application considered by local planning authority. 
  • formal consultation provides another chance to comment on the proposed scheme

March 2021

  • planning application determined 

June 2021

  • work begins on site if planning application granted 

In the coming weeks

The team are now starting work and will be on site carrying out further investigations and assessments in the coming weeks.

This will mostly just involve our experts walking around the site and area to examine things like the landscape, trees or ecology.

We may use a drone for a short time to do a topographical survey which looks at the different ground levels.

We will also be using a mini-rig to drill deep, 25cm holes to check ground and ground water conditions. The rigs are about the size of a mini-digger and will be brought to site on a trailer. The work will take a couple of days and we will install safety fencing while we are working.

Before we leave, we will install capped monitoring wells in the drilled holes which we will check every so often to see if conditions are changing at all over the seasons. We’ll make sure they are in places that won’t affect safety or the use of the playing fields.

The information from the investigations and assessments will inform the development of issues, options and ideas for the masterplan.

Your views

In September, there will be a ‘pre-application consultation’, when we will explore ideas and alternatives for the masterplan with the Turlin Moor community and other stakeholders to help us choose our ‘preferred option’ for the site.

If COVID19 social-distancing rules are still in place, we won’t be able to manage the consultation in the normal way with public exhibitions and face to face meetings. So, we have developed a socially-distanced approach which will still give everyone a chance to learn everything they need to know about the options and to have their say. It will focus on distributing printed material and posters, online material and phone and email. If the social distancing rules change in time, we will hold public exhibitions as normal. We will let you know nearer the time.

After the consultation, the team will develop the chosen option into a full masterplan and finalise the various planning documents. We then expect to submit the planning application in December.

You will have another chance to comment on the proposals as a part of the formal planning application process. We hope to get planning permission for the scheme in time to start work on site in June 2021.

We would like to collate people's questions and feedback, please complete our feedback form and send it to the email address below if you have any.

Our privacy notice is available on the BCP Council website.

Contact us

Email: turlin.moor@bcpcouncil.gov.uk
Telephone: 01202 633633

Or contact the Hamworthy ward councillors:

Julie Bagwell

Daniel Butt

Mike White
01202 256712

Page last updated: 02 September 2020
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