Report a tree issue on public land

Let us know if you notice any issues with a council owned tree.

Report an issue with a tree

Use this service to report:

  • dead wood
  • fungi growth
  • tree/branch down on council owned land, not affecting access or emergency
  • tree leaning (not urgent or an emergency)
  • Tree obscuring traffic lights or signs
  • vandalism to a tree (not happening now)
  • a request for work to be done to a council tree

Do not use this service to report:

For full details of the types of work we will and will not consider, read how we manage and maintain the trees we own.


You will need to tell us:

  • the issue with the tree
  • where the tree is

You can also upload a picture of the issue.

If the tree is in a dangerous condition, please phone us on:

Page last updated: 09 September 2020
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