Council Tax bands and charges

Find out which Council Tax band your property is in, how to appeal if you think the band is wrong and how much you have to pay. 

From 1 April 2021, residents in the BCP Council area will pay a standard Council Tax rate for their property band. Historically, the amount of Council Tax you paid for your council services differed, based on whether you live in Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole.

The process of reaching equal levels of Council Tax is known as ‘harmonisation’. Council Tax harmonisation means that residents in the same band, now contribute the same amount for council services.

Bands and charges for the other BCP Council areas

Check what band you're in

Find out the Council Tax band for a home in Poole by looking up its postcode or address.


Council Tax 2021/22 - aggregate amounts Poole


 BCP Council



 Poole Charter Trustee


Proportion of Band D 

 Band A 1,027.71 170.39 51.92  1.43 1,251.45  6/9
 Band B  1,199.00 198.78 60.57  1.66 1,460.01  7/9
 Band C  1,370.29 227.18 69.23  1.90 1,668.60  8/9
 Band D  1,541.57 255.58 77.88  2.14 1,877.17  9/9
 Band E  1,884.14 312.38 95.19  2.62 2,294.33  11/9
 Band F  2,226.71 369.17 112.49  3.09 2,711.46  13/9
 Band G  2,569.28 425.97 129.80  3.57 3,128.62  15/9
 Band H  3,083.14 511.16 155.76  4.28 3,754.34  18/9

The overall increase for the Poole area in 2021/22 is 3.4%.

Council Tax bands and charges information for BCP Poole for 2020/21 is also available.

Appeal if you think your Council Tax band is wrong

Contact the  Valuation Office Agency for advice.

If you appeal, you must continue to pay your Council Tax until your appeal is decided.

Page last updated: 24 March 2021
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