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Waste management strategy

Recycling in Poole has more than doubled over the last 6 years, and we have recently achieved our 2010 government target of recycling or composting 40% of household waste. However, the targets for future years are even tougher – by 2020 we need to be recycling at least half of our waste – and therefore we reviewed our Waste Management Strategy in 2008 to ensure that we can achieve this.

Statutory recycling targets are in place for all Councils. The target in 2009/10 was to hit 40%. In subsequent years this is going to rise:

  • recycle or compost at least 45% of household waste by 2015; and
  • recycle or compost at least 50% of household waste by 2020 


In 2004 we introduced the blue bin recycling collection scheme to all homes in the Borough and this has already had a significant impact on the increase of recycling.

To improve this further we have introduced the option of “blue bin swap” where residents can opt to have a larger blue recycling bin, along with a smaller black rubbish bin (so that less waste goes to landfill). We are also planning a series of campaigns to raise awareness of the variety of items that can be placed in the blue bin.

Waste Minimisation

The cost of sending waste to landfill sites is increasing because Landfill Tax increases every year. As a nation, we throw away over 6 million tonnes of perfectly edible food each year (which would fill Wembley Stadium 8 times over).

Another key priority, therefore, is reducing the waste that we produce, and this includes home composting food and garden waste, and choosing to purchase products with minimal packaging. Website has lots of tips on how to plan meals to reduce wastage.


In developing our strategy for the next 10 years, we have established the following four key principles:

  • minimise Poole’s Carbon Footprint as much as possible
  • minimise how much waste is produced across the Borough
  • maximise recycling achievement
  • maximise local self sufficiency 


We have identified the following actions to enable us to achieve our government targets between now and 2020:

Short Term Action Plan

  • waste minimisation
  • ongoing communication and education campaigns
  • promotion of bin swaps (large blue bin, small black bin)
  • ongoing green waste initiatives
  • green waste kerbside collection study
  • commercial waste communication campaign
  • operational review focusing on collection, household waste site and logistics
  • joint working initiatives 

Medium Term Action Plan

  • waste minimisation including specifically targeted materials
  • green waste capture campaign
  • communication campaign focusing on ‘slimming your bin’
  • best practice review of the Nuffield Household Waste Recycling Centre
  • collection strategy review
  • detailed waste flow and commercial waste composition studies
  • joint working initiatives 

Long Term Action Plan

  • waste minimisation
  • kitchen waste capture
  • review of commercial waste service
  • joint working feasibility studies
  • review of our enforcement policies, particularly for commercial waste 

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