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The Care Act 2014 provides a single legal framework for charging for care and support. It enables local authorities to decide whether or not to charge an individual when it is arranging to meet an individual’s care and support needs or a carer’s support needs. 

Section 14 of The Care Act 2014 provides local authorities with the power to charge individuals in receipt of care and support services, where the local authority is permitted to charge for the service being provided. Section 14 of The Care Act 2014 provides local authorities with the power to charge for services meeting carers’ needs, by providing services directly to the carer.  

Section 17 of The Care Act 2014 permits local authorities to undertake an assessment of financial resources. The financial assessment will determine the level of an individual’s financial resource, and the amount (if any) which the individual is considered able to pay towards the cost of meeting their needs through care and support services.  

We will refer to Care and Support Regulations (Statutory Instruments) and Care and Support Statutory Guidance and Annexes issued under The Care Act 2014, in all regards for specific guidance relating to charging. 

For more information download the full ASC charging policy

The above are Borough of Poole documents from pre 1 April 2019 (unless otherwise stated). They have been adopted by BCP Council and will, in time, be replaced by BCP Council documents.

These documents apply to service users from the Poole locality and to staff carrying out functions that relate to these individuals. Minor changes may have been made to ensure contact information and website links are correct and relevant from 1 April 2019.

All policies will now be reviewed as part of a planned schedule, following the Borough’s transition to BCP Council on 1 April 2019.

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