Indices of deprivation 2015


Revised indices of deprivation were released on September 30th, 2015. A series of brief reports summarising key results for Poole will appear on this page. The first of these reports examines multiple deprivation and also poverty among young persons and older people. The second examines educational disadvantage among young persons and adults. Both of these can be downloaded from the panel on the right. In addition, a comprehensive report on the 2010 Indices can also be downloaded.

Key findings

  • Poole has no neighbourhoods in the worst national decile (national 10%) for multiple deprivation.
  • Poole has two neighbourhoods in the worst national decile for relative poverty among children. One is in Turlin Moor and the other in the Bourne Estate.
  • Poole has one neighbourhood, in Newtown, in the worst national decile for relative poverty among older people.
  • Poole’s position for multiple deprivation relative to other authorities in England has slightly improved since the release of the 2010 Indices.
  • of the seven principal domains in the Indices, Poole fares worse with respect to education, skills and training, where it has six neighbourhoods in the worst national decile.
  • educational disadvantage among young people is especially pervasive and appears to be worsening, in relative terms. For this sub-domain of the Education, Skills & Training domain, there are nine neighbourhoods in Poole in the worst national decile and twenty-seven in the worst national quartile (worst 25%).  

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