Dementia needs assessment

The dementia needs assessment provides quality evidence and guidance on the capacity required in care homes for people with dementia in Poole to 2025. There is a specific focus on how many residential and nursing care placements we need to commission and how many beds will be required to meet the demand.

The needs assessment:

  • describes the population at risk of dementia, highlighting characteristics relevant to Poole
  • estimates the current and future number of people with dementia in Poole
  • assesses service utilisation by people with dementia in Poole
  • outlines current and future care home demand in Poole
  • quantifies existing and likely future care home supply within Poole
  • gap analysis of current and future demand and supply of care home beds
  • sets out key messages for future strategic and service developments 

Key findings

The assessment found that:

an estimated 2,354 people are affected by late onset dementia in Poole in 2010.

  • dementia is an age related condition with a prevalence that nearly doubles every five years after the age of 65
  • almost three quarters (73%) of people with late onset dementia in Poole are aged over 80. A fifth (21%) is aged over 90
  • over half (55%) of people with late onset dementia will have mild dementia, 32% moderate and 13% severe dementia
  • in the longer-term to 2025, the number of people with late onset dementia is forecast to increase to around 1,000 (+43%) to 3,360 

The Commission Strategy for Residential and Nursing Care For People with Dementia to 2025 can be found here.

Page last updated: 27 August 2019
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