Strategic Car Parking Review (14 September - 19 October 2012)

The Strategic Car Parking Review looks at car parking in Poole including multi-storey car parks, surface car parks and on street parking. The review will be carried out in two phases.

The first phase reviewed the strategies relating to car parking in Poole in order to highlight priorities for developing car parking.

As part of this phase of the review we asked residents and businesses about how they use our car parking and what they think about car parking, now and in the future. An online questionnaire was available and information stands were held in the Dolphin Centre. A selection of the questions were also included in the Autumn 2012 Poole Opinion Panel survey.

Key findings

  • respondents to both the Poole Opinion Panel survey and public survey were regular users of on-street parking. Town centre car parks were used more often than beach and district car parks, with district car parks being the least used by both sets of respondents
  • the main purposes for using Poole's car parks were for shopping, leisure, using local services and visiting friends/relations in both the Poole Opinion Panel survey and the public survey
  • both Poole Opinion Panel and respondents to the public survey felt that the 'cost of parking' and being 'close to destination' were important when choosing somewhere to park in Poole. Business respondents also agreed that these were important to their businesses. Businesses also thought that the option of short stay or long stay was important
  • 62% of respondents from Poole Opinion Panel and 68% of respondents from the public survey said that they experienced some level of difficulty when trying to find a place to park. Issues with parking included the availability of parking, especially at peak times, the amount of parking restrictions in place in Poole, availability of residential or permit parking spaces, and some comments mentioned high parking charges
  • respondents from all 3 engagement methods agreed on the 2 most important factors when developing car parking policy in Poole; ‘Encouraging shoppers to the Town Centre’ followed by ‘Encouraging new business to Poole’

For further information please see the report on the engagement results.

The Strategic Car Parking Review was considered at Cabinet on 14 January 2014.

For more information on the Strategic Car Parking Review please contact

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