Beach Road Car Park development brief consultation

We have prepared a draft site development brief for part of Beach Road Car Park. The brief sets out the parameters for the type of development which would be considered acceptable if a development proposal was forthcoming on the southern part of the site.

We are asking for people's views on the content of the draft brief, particularly focusing on:

  • the proposed uses of the site
  • the suggested layout and height of any future development
  • the proposed access arrangements
  • how open spaces in the surrounding area could be improved

The draft development brief and consultation response form can be accessed on the following links:

Please provide your comments in writing by 6 January 2017. Please be aware that while your personal details will be treated confidentially, your comments may be made public.

The preparation of the site development brief follows on from a review which set out that as a whole the existing car parking is laid out inefficiently and historically has low usage rates. The review highlighted opportunities existed to create a more efficient parking layout which would potentially allow part of the site, subject to the draft site development brief, to be redeveloped, while sufficient public car parking could be provided across the remainder of the site to serve the seafront. As such the draft site development brief has been prepared to explore the possible development options. The council can then make a final decision regarding the future of the site in 2017.

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