Overcrowding and under occupation

This theme paper reports on findings from the 2011 census on bedroom occupancy ratings for households in Poole.  It examines, in detail, overcrowding and under-occupation in households in Poole by tenure and household composition. It can be regarded as supplementing the previously published census theme papers on housing tenure and families and households. It is likely to be of interest to planners and housing specialists.

Key facts

Of the 63,530 households in Poole, 1,854 (2.9%) were considered to be overcrowded, having fewer bedrooms than the notional number recommended by the bedroom standard. (The corresponding figure for England & Wales was 4.7%.)

Overcrowding was most common among rented households, with 7.5% of socially rented households and 5.9% of privately rented households in overcrowded homes, compared to only 1.4% among owner occupied households

There were 45,769 (72.0%) households with at least one spare bedroom, of which 23,486 had one spare bedroom and further 22,283 had two or more spare bedrooms.

More than 8 in 10 (83.7%) owner occupied households had at least one spare bedroom, compared with 49.6% among privately rented households and only 33.4% among socially rented households.

Nearly three in five (59.1%) of socially rented households had the notional number of bedrooms for the size of the household and composition of people living there.  This was the highest across the tenure categories.

Of the overcrowded households in Poole over two thirds (68.9%, 1,277) were households with dependent children. 

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has provided analysis on overcrowding and under-occupation for England and Wales that includes a report and an infographic that you can find here. 

Page last updated: 15 March 2019
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