Labour market and qualifications

This theme paper summarises the labour market and qualifications of Poole’s residents in 2011 using data from the latest census. It analyses the labour market by gender, age and other characteristics.

Key facts

  • in 2011, 71.2% (75,720) of usual residents aged 16-74 (106,391) were economically active. 28.8% (30,671) were economically inactive
  • 54.7% (58,255) of residents aged 16-74 are economically active as employees. Women were 4 times as likely to be working part time compared to men
  • 10.2% (10,888) of residents that were economically active were self-employed
  • according to the 2011 Census, the unemployment rate for Poole was 3.2% (3,413). 36.7% (1,251) of those unemployed had been so for over a year and were classed as long-term unemployed
  • 71,709 employed usual residents aged between 16 and 74 reported their industry and occupation. The Wholesale and retail trade was the largest employer of the 16 to 74 age group in 2011 with 16.8% (12,080) of employed usual residents working in this sector
  • in Poole, 25.5% (31,143) of usual residents aged 16 and over had achieved Level 4 or above qualifications in 2011. This was a higher percentage than those that had no qualifications (21.4%, 26,108)

The Office of National Statistics have produced reports that look at the differences between the 2011 census and the Labour Force Survey labour market indications and on the economic and social characteristics of the resident population in England and Wales by nationality and country of birth. 

Page last updated: 15 March 2019
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