General health and disability

This theme paper discusses what the 2011 Census tells us about the health of residents of Poole. It is in two parts. The first part discusses general health and the second part discusses limiting long-term illness/disability.  

This is very much a top-level paper, using such data as has been released at time of writing.   Deeper analyses will be possible when further data releases become available.

Key facts 

General health

  • on Census day, 120,175 (81.4%) of people in Poole reported their general health as either “Very good” or “Good”; the corresponding figure for  England and Wales was 81.2%
  • across the wards, the proportion reporting GOOD ('Very good' and 'good' combined) health varies from 76.6% in Alderney to 85.2% in Penn Hill
  • across the Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs) the proportion reporting GOOD health varies from 69.0% in an LSOA in the Town Centre to 92.4% in an LSOA in Merley and Bearwood

Limiting long-term illness/disability

  • on Census day, 27,208 (18.4%) of residents in Poole were limited in daily activities because of a health problem or disability. For England and Wales 17.9% were in this position. The corresponding percentages in 2001 were 18.5% in Poole and 18.2% for England and Wales
  • across the Wards, the proportion reporting limitations to daily activities varies from 15.2% in Canford Heath West to 23.2% in Canford Cliffs
  • across the LSOAs, the proportion reporting limitations to daily activities varies from 9.1% for an LSOA in Merley & Bearwood to 32.9% for an LSOA in Canford Cliffs. The LSOA with the lowest level of limiting illness also has the highest level of GOOD health

The Office of National Statistics has produced two reports looking at general health and disability for England and Wales which also look at regional differences across the country.

Page last updated: 11 June 2019
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