Ethnicity, language and religion

This theme paper summarises the ethnicity, religion, national identity and languages of Poole’s residents in 2011 using data from the latest census. It is very much a top-level paper. Deeper analyses will be possible when further data releases become available.

Key facts

  • on census day, Poole had 11,947 residents that identified themselves with a minority ethnic group
  • 8.1% of Poole’s total population identified themselves with a minority ethnic group. For England & Wales the corresponding figure was 19.5%
  • for comparison, on 2001 Census Day, 5,561 residents of Poole identified with a minority ethnic group. They comprised 4% of the total population
  • the largest population increases in Poole amongst ethnic minority groups were reported in the ‘Other White’ (+2,646), ‘Other Asian’ (+836) and ‘Indian’ (+780) ethnic groups
  • Poole Town Ward (1,796, 16.8% of resident population) had the highest proportion of residents that identified with a minority ethnic group
  • Poland was the most common country of birth (13.1%) of non-UK born residents and Polish was the most common language spoken other than English
  • the proportion of residents who expressed themselves as having no religion increased by 13.5 percentage points from 16.2% (22,442) of usual residents in 2001, to 29.7% (43,922) in 2011

The Office of National Statistics have produced analysis from the 2011 census looking at Ethnicity, National Identity, Language and Religion across England and Wales and its regions. You can find their analysis here.

Page last updated: 15 March 2019
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