Concealed families

This report summarises the characteristics of concealed families living in multi-family households in Poole in 2011 using data from the latest census. A concealed family is one living in a multi-family household in addition to the primary family, such as a young couple living with parents. Each family is assigned a Family Reference Person (FRP). Where there is more than one FRP in the household, the Household Reference Person (HRP) is chosen from the FRPs based on economic activity and then age. It can be regarded as supplementing the previously published census theme paper on families and households.

Key facts

  • there were 688 concealed families in 2011; this was 2% of all families in households. In 2001 this was 396 (1%)
  • concealed families increased at fifteen times the rate of unconcealed families between 2001 and 2011 in Poole (74% increase in concealed families compared with a 5% increase in unconcealed families)
  • more than half (54%) of concealed families in 2011 were couples with no children
  • concealed families were younger than unconcealed families; over half (59%) of concealed families had a Family Reference Person (FRP), that is the oldest full-time worker in most families, aged under 35 in 2011. This compared with 15% of unconcealed families
  • of all family times, lone parent families that included dependent children were the most frequently concealed. Four percent of all lone parent families with dependent children were concealed in 2011

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has produced analysis looking at concealed families living in multi-family households in England and Wales

Page last updated: 15 March 2019
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