Commuting patterns in Poole

This report summarises commuting patterns between Poole and other local authorities via the 2011 census UK travel flows data. This is available via NOMIS and in addition an interactive map tool has been created by the Office of National Statistics. This map tool displays the flows between local authorities together with providing some added information and data.

This paper acts as a supplement to the main census theme paper on travel to work which examines key finding on methods of travel to work by Poole’s resident working population. It can be downloaded from this page.

Key facts

  • 40% of the Poole workforce consisted of in-commuters (from other local authorities) with 76% of these in-commuters travelling by car or van
  • 34% of Poole’s residents were out-commuters (travelling to another local authorities to work) with 77% of these out-commuters travelling by car or van
  • Bournemouth was the most common origin for Poole’s in-commuters (44%) and destination of Poole’s out-commuters (44%)
  • 47% of the Poole workforce lived in Poole and commuted to a workplace within Poole. For those who commute from Poole to a workplace in Poole, 60% travelled by car or van, 17% walked to work and 7% travelled by bicycle
  • Poole is part of a local economy that includes Bournemouth along with other areas in Dorset to a lesser extent that are geographically close
Page last updated: 15 March 2019
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