Penn Hill ward

Penn Hill ward is located in the east of Poole and shares boundaries with Parkstone, Branksome West and Canford Cliffs wards. Alexandra Park, the largest formal open space in Upper Parkstone is located in the north of the ward. Parkstone golf course covers part of the south east of the ward. There are many local facilities within the ward, such as dentists, doctors’ surgeries and schools, mainly located in the northern part of the ward. Part of Ashley Road, the second largest local centre outside the Town Centre, is located along the northern boundary. Penn Hill ward is diverse with pockets of large family homes on spacious plots and areas where density is high (e.g. south of Ashley Road).

Key facts

  • in 2011 the resident population of Penn Hill ward was 11,355 people with 4,877 households
  • residents in Penn Hill ward were more likely to respond that they had ‘very good health’, with 53.3% compared to 46.5% in Poole
  • owner occupation of accommodation in Penn Hill ward is higher than Poole and England and Wales. 75.1% of households in Penn Hill ward own their accommodation
  • there are a higher proportion of households in privately rented accommodation in this area, 19.1% of households compared to 14.6% in Poole
  • there are a higher proportion of household spaces in converted or shared houses in Penn Hill ward, 9.2% of household spaces compared to 3.6% in Poole
  • the proportion of the economically active population aged 16-74 who are unemployed is lower in Penn Hill ward than in Poole. Self-employment levels are also higher in this area
  • most residents in this area are employed in managerial or professional occupations
  • residents of this ward are more qualified than Poole overall with 40.4% having qualifications at Level 4 or above compared to 25.5% in Poole 

More details about the Penn Hill ward 2011 census area profile.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019
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