Canford Heath West ward

There is a clear sense of community between Canford Heath West ward and Canford Heath East ward. Many residents would consider Canford Heath as one whole area that has developed together. An example of this would be the school catchment areas that cover across Canford Heath as a whole. Therefore this ward profile should be considered alongside the ward profile for Canford Heath East ward.

Canford Heath West ward is located near the centre of Poole, and shares boundaries with Merley and Bearwood, Broadstone, Creekmoor, Oakdale, Canford Heath East and Alderney wards. Part of Canford Heath is one of the largest remaining heaths in Dorset covers the northern part of the ward. Nuffield Industrial Estate covers the southern part.

Key facts

  • in 2011 the resident population of Canford Heath West ward was 6,815 people with 2,809 households
  • Canford Heath West has on average a younger aged population than Poole overall with a average age of 39.4 compared to 42.2
  • owner occupation of accommodation is higher in Canford Heath West ward than in Poole overall
  • there is a greater proportion of households in social rented accommodation in this ward compared to Poole overall
  • residents are more likely to be employed in the manufacturing or wholesale and retailing sectors in this ward

More details about Canford Heath West ward 2011 census area profile.

Page last updated: 13 September 2019
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