How we've helped tackle prejudice incidents

Why it is important to report incidents

We are committed to working with the police and other partners to identify and support vulnerable victims and intervene early in incidents. Where possible we work together to identify perpetrators and bring them to justice where there is evidence to do so. 

As well as dealing with individual incidents, where we identify trends and hotspots we take action to improve things for others. So even when an incident involves a stranger that cannot be identified it is important to report it. 

What can be done

Poole Forum have created Safe Places at venues across Poole, where disabled people and people with learning difficulties can wait safely.

We produce posters and stickers for taxis and takeaway restaurants warning that there are serious consequences, including getting a criminal record, for racially abusing someone.

We've teamed up a child who had experienced racist bullying with an adult mentor from a similar background to improve their self-esteem and put a stop to bullying.

We trained our beach staff on how to respond to prejudice incidents because we heard of several prejudice incidents on the beach over summer.

We helped individuals who have experienced racism to set up a community group to support each other and campaign against racism.

We support Space LGBTQ Youth Group who provide a place for young people affected by homophobia and transphobia.

We help fund Bournemouth People First to support people with learning difficulties keep safe and who affected by these kinds of incidents through the court process.

We undertake other publicity campaigns and training where and when we know more likely to be affected by prejudice incidents, for example, with language schools, at play parks and before a World Cup Football events.

We regularly collate and analyse Police, council and other organisations data and take action as a result. We also work with the Crown Prosecution Service to share their data and scrutinise their practice on prosecutions so people know that there are consequences to their actions and that this is taken very seriously by all partners.

Page last updated: 27 May 2020
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