Parenting support

Is being a parent the toughest job of all?

When it comes to bringing up children, every parent needs help and advice from time to time and we hope this page will help you find the type of support that is best for you. And it's not just for parents; this information is for step-parents, non-resident parents and any other adult who has a caring responsibility for a child or young person.

Need someone to talk to locally about parenting issues?

There are many professionals working across Poole who you can talk to in confidence. We have Family Outreach Workers in our Children's Centres and Pastoral Care Workers and Family Outreach Workers based in Poole schools.

There are health professionals such as health visitors, GPs and school nurses who can also give you parenting advice and help you find services to support you.

If you are looking for childcare, you can contact the Family Information Service for further details on what is available locally. Telephone 01202 261999 or email

The Poole Parenting Book and DVD Scheme

This is a free service and available in all Poole libraries. Books and DVDs on parenting issues are available for you to borrow. They cover all aspects of child behaviour from toddler tantrums to moody teenagers.

Poole Parenting Programmes

These are free structured courses available to support parents and carers. Our children's centres run PEEP (Peers Early Intervention Partnership) sessions for babies and under 1s, with sessions focused on:

  • learning together through music
  • sharing books
  • singing, talking and playing

Contact your nearest children's centre or the Family Information Service for further details.

Other parenting programmes are available in schools. Contact your Family Outreach Worker, Pastoral Care Worker, School Nurse or the Family Information Service for further details.

We also run 2 parenting programmes: The Incredible Years and Triple P, for those parents and carers who have been referred for parenting support.                                                          

Family Information Directory

The Family Information Directory can help you find information on:

  • activities 
  • childcare
  • health and wellbeing
  • welfare and employment
  • schools and further education
  • children's centres
Page last updated: 26 August 2021
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