Fixed penalty notice

A fixed penalty notice is a fine. If one of our authorised officers believes you have committed a littering or dog fouling offence then they may decide to prosecute for the offence. However a fixed penalty notice can be issued.

A fixed penalty notice is a method of allowing the person who has committed an offence the opportunity to discharge any liability to conviction for that offence. On payment of the fixed penalty notice, we cannot prosecute you for the offence but if payment is not received then we will prosecute you for the offence.

Information regarding penalty charge notices for parking offences is also available.

Why a fixed penalty notice is issued

If a fixed penalty notice has been issued it is because you have been identified as being responsible for litter left in a public area or you have not picked up when your dog has fouled in a designated area.

A notice will also be issued if you are caught disposing of litter from inside a vehicle.

Make sure you dispose of your waste lawfully - that means putting your litter in a bin and not dropping it in the street.

Make sure that you pick up if your dog or any dog you are in control of fouls.

When to pay

You must pay the £75 fine within 14 days of receiving the fixed penalty notice. If you pay within 7 days the fee is reduced to £50.

However if you do not pay within the set time we will start court proceedings. If you litter you may be liable to a fine of £2,500.

If you allow your dog to foul and do not pick up after it you may be liable to a fine of £1,000.

Contesting the notice

If you believe that you have not caused the offence you have been charged with then you can complete this form or phone 01202 123123, including your fixed penalty notice reference number.

Officers will then carry out further investigation and prosecution proceedings may be instituted to allow the court to decide whether an offence was committed.

Reporting an offence

Should you witness either someone littering, litter thrown from a vehicle or someone not picking up after their dog has fouled and you are prepared to make a formal witness statement we may be able to take action against the offender.

If you have seen an offence taking place please use our form or phone 01202 123123.

Page last updated: 19 April 2021
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