Age restricted sales


We enforce a range of legislation dealing with age restrictions on supplying goods and services to youngsters, which includes:

  • alcohol
  • tobacco products and cigarettes
  • nicotine inhaling products (from 1 October 2015), for example e-cigarettes and refills
  • fireworks
  • DVDs and videos
  • computer games
  • solvents
  • lighter refills
  • petrol
  • credit
  • gaming machines
  • lottery tickets and scratch cards
  • tattoos and skin piercing
  • aerosol spray paints
  • sunbeds

We have prioritised mainly on the underage supply of cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol and fireworks following specific complaints and assessment of risk in the Poole area and carry out test purchasing exercises with volunteer youngsters. Enforcement test purchasing of alcohol has also been undertaken jointly with Dorset Police.

Otherwise, we regularly deal with problems relating to age restricted products and underage sales through routine inspection, advice to traders, education, licensing requirements, and the promotion of proof of age cards.

No Proof of Age – No Sale (NPOANS)

No Proof of Age – No Sale’ also known as NPOANS, is an interactive online resource including a film, guidance and training materials for people who sell, or supply age restricted goods and is available to all subscribing retailers.

The online resource documents and information can be downloaded and printed off. These include notes for staff and for trainers, a series of tests on various age restricted products (with answers in a separate document) and support materials, including posters, useful websites and sample refusals register pages. 

This version on the website is updated regularly to take account of recent changes in the law.

Subscription to ‘No Proof of Age – No Sale’ also known as NPOANS is currently offered free of charge to Poole retailers, except for national chains – that is, more than 10 stores.

If you are a retailer, or a licensee, and would like further information including accessing the resource please contact us.

Please note, you will need a contact name and email address to set up your access to NPOANS.

Report a restricted sale issue

If you would like to report a restricted sales issue please email us.

Page last updated: 11 November 2019
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