Pavement café licence or pavement licence

Pavement café licence

To put tables, chairs or other furniture on the pavement outside your cafe or restaurant for customer use (if the pavement is part of the public highway) apply for a pavement cafe licence. The term 'public highway' includes roads, pavements and verges.

Pavement licence

To put sales or display materials outside your premises on the public highway, apply for a Pavement Licence. 

Check for planning permission

It is important to note that you may also need planning permission for the change of the use of the highway to a pavement cafe. This applies even if you already operate food premises adjacent to the site.

You need to check with the  before you submit a pavement café licence application. You can do this by email to

The application process


  • inspect the area to make sure that no obstruction or nuisance could be caused to others
  • consider the affect of possible noise disturbance for local residents and other business owners.

It takes around two months for an application to be approved, which includes a 28-day statutory notice period for public objections to the application.

Who can apply

Businesses who hold £5 million public liability insurance can apply for a licence.

You do not need a licence if:

  • you own a section of the pavement outside your premises


  • the area does not include any public highway.

If you are in doubt about whether you need a licence, please email


  • new application: £250 for one year
  • renewal application: £150 for one year

Changes to a licence

Complete a new application if you want to make changes to an existing licence.

Useful contacts

Highways Support Team: 
01202 454896

Customer Service Planning Team:
01202 451323

Page last updated: 03 July 2020
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