Waste minimisation

The inspiration behind waste minimisation is that we should:

  • reduce waste
  • reuse it
  • recycle it

This reduces the amount of raw materials used to make new products and saves energy.

There are many tips on how to reduce waste on the Recycle Now website. Below are some more details on a few of the most common ways to reduce waste.

Love Food Hate Waste

Every year in the UK we throw away a staggering one third of all the food we buy. Imagine buying six bags of shopping in the supermarket then chucking two of them in the bin!

Love Food Hate Waste – a campaign from WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) – highlights the fact that wasted food is a waste of money and a major contributor to climate change.

A lot of what we throw away could have been eaten and Love Food Hate Waste provides delicious recipes to make the most of the food in our fruit bowl, fridge and cupboards, handy hints for storing food, surprising facts on what can be frozen and much more.

Home composting

Go to our home composting and water butts webpage to find out how to compost and to get subsided compost bin offers.

Schools, youth and community groups

We can send a PowerPoint presentation for groups who want to find out more about waste and recycling in Poole. Please send your requests to environment@poole.gov.uk.

Junk mail

If you want to be removed from junk mailing lists to cut down on the junk mail you receive and minimise your waste go to the Mail Preference Service website to register your details.

Any unwanted junk mail you do receive can be recycled in your blue bin. Please do not include any plastic wrapping.

Reusable nappies

One baby’s disposable nappies fill 40 black sacks in a year. Across the UK, around 8 million disposables are used every day. By opting to use reusable nappies, parents can reduce their nappy bill by an average of £500 per baby whilst also helping the environment. Even more savings can be made by using reusable nappies for subsequent babies or by selling on your nappies after use. We can help you buy reusable nappies.

Page last updated: 05 July 2019
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